Lazurite Teams Up with Mendtronix for Launch of ArthroFree™: The First-in-Class Wireless Surgical Camera

October 12, 2022

SAN DIEGO, CA—(—Mendtronix Inc. (MTI), a leading medical logistics company specializing in ISO 13485-certified bi-coastal 3PL services, has partnered with Lazurite to support the launch of the ArthroFree™ System, Lazurite’s new first-in-class wireless surgical camera. Mendtronix will provide kitting and fulfillment logistics support, along with other technical services as Lazurite begins distribution of the product. Orders will be fulfilled nationally from Mendtronix’s east coast distribution center in the Pittsburgh, PA area.

“We are pleased to partner with Mendtronix to support the launch of ArthroFree,” said Lazurite President and General Counsel Leah Brownlee. “Their comprehensive array of medical logistics services makes them an ideal partner to extend our capabilities and ensure timely delivery of product to customers.” Lazurite is a medical device and technology company in Cleveland, Ohio. Its ArthroFree System is the first wireless surgical camera system to receive FDA clearance for arthroscopy and general endoscopy. The first in-patient use of ArthroFree took place at NYU Langone Orthopedic Center in mid-September and launched the commercialization of the ArthroFree System.

By eliminating conventional camera cables that tether the surgeon to the surgical tower, the ArthroFree System is expected to increase OR efficiency and lower customer costs. Additionally, with its solid state, low heat, high efficiency Meridiem™ light technology, the system promises to eliminate camera related patient burns and OR fires. ArthroFree is a modular system designed to be drop-in compatible with existing patient data consoles, surgical displays and endoscopes found in minimally invasive operating rooms.

About Lazurite’s ArthoFree System

A combined proprietary light and communication technology to create the first-in-class wireless surgical camera, and an inaugural device derived from a pipeline of technologies designed for optimal operating room outcomes and care.

About Mendtronix Medical 3PL

Since 1998, advanced technical and logistical solutions have evolved “MTI” into the leading bi-coastal medical 3PL with a powerful set of valuable services including contract assembly, QA technical capabilities, 125K sq. ft., production, warehousing, advanced API order integration, and transportation specialist, across its ISO 13485:2016 QMS platform, via its San Diego CA and Pittsburgh PA (Latrobe) locations.

About Lazurite

Lazurite is a medical device and technology company. Its ArthroFree System—the wireless surgical camera for arthroscopy and general endoscopy—is designed for surgeons seeking agile surgical tools for more freedom of movement in the OR. ArthroFree is drop-in compatible with current OR technologies, and it eliminates the cables associated with patient burns, OR fires, and staff trips and falls. With the ArthroFree System, Lazurite kicks off the wireless era of surgical visualization. Lazurite’s intellectual property portfolio also includes the low-heat Meridiem™ light technology, wireless communication technology, and products in development. Lazurite is located in Cleveland, OH (est. 2015), and to date the pre-revenue company has raised more than $25 million from institutional investors, family offices, and more than 70 physician champions. The mission: solve impossible problems to improve people’s lives. The vision for 2029: better outcomes for one million patients—and thousands of clinicians, too.

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