Meridiem Light Technology: Sufficiently Cool

The ArthroFree design required innovations in signal transmission, power, and light—with minimum thermal by-product. So we created Meridiem®
light technology (MLT): our high-efficiency, low-heat light system.


MLT is backed by Lazurite patents in global jurisdictions, and this market-ready asset indicates opportunities in healthcare, aerospace, and manufacturing.

Meridiem refers to high noon, when the sun offers maximum brightness, but sub-maximal heat.

Meridiem Light Technology: Sufficiently Cool

A 15mm x 15mm model of Meridiem light technology.

MLT efficiency

Conventional LED light boxes 90W to 400W

MLT in ArthroFree 5W

MLT: The Key Components

We regard MLT as the Hedy Lamarr of light technology: radiant, complicated, and cool. (Lamarr starred in MGM and Paramount films in the 1940s and secured a 1942 patent for a frequency-hopping technology used in telecommunications.)

The key MLT components include:

  • A laser.
  • Optics that direct a designated spectrum of laser light to a particular location.
  • A phosphor core.

The phosphor can be suspended in polymeric and glass-like materials, in a variety of shapes and sizes, for a variety of commercial applications.

Safety and Value, Hand in Hand

Electric lighting constitutes 10% of a hospital’s energy use. Conventional surgical cameras use significant amounts of energy—with enough thermal by-product to require surgical teams to review burn-risk probability ahead of every procedure.


With a maximum temperature of 43°C, ArthroFree poses zero risk of patient burns.


The MLT platform and design are readily scalable. As hospitals and ambulatory surgery centers (ASCs) aim to “go green” and reduce costs, high-efficiency lighting offers a compelling solution.1

MLT in the Lab.

Our Patents

MLT in the Lab.

A sample of our patents

  • 01
    Light source

    US (x2), China, Hong Kong, and Japan

  • 02
    Light source (ArthroFree design)

    Registered in Australia, China, Europe, UK, Hong Kong, Japan, and South Korea

Number of patents pending, as of January 2023: 27

Number of utility patents, granted: 13

Number of design patents, registered and allowed: 47