Meridiem™ Light Engine: For Medtech and Beyond

The development of the modular ArthroFree™ wireless surgical camera system required new components for signal transmission, power, and light. So we created the Meridiem Light Engine (MLE™). It’s a solid-state, low-heat, high-efficiency light system.


This platform technology is ready for productization, and we hold patents in jurisdictions around the world. This market-ready asset indicates opportunities in multiple markets, including healthcare, aerospace, and manufacturing applications.

“Meridiem” refers to high noon, when the sun offers maximum brightness, but not maximum heat.

MLE: The Key Components

We regard the MLE as the Hedy Lamarr of light technology: radiant, cool, and complicated. (Lamarr starred in MGM, Paramount, and Warner Bros. films in the 1940s. Lamarr also secured a patent in 1942 for a frequency-hopping technology used by the military and in telecommunications.)

The key components of the MLE include:

  • A laser
  • Optics that mix and direct laser light, according to specifications, to a particular location
  • A phosphor core

The phosphor can be suspended in polymeric and glass-like materials, in a variety of shapes and sizes, for a variety of commercial applications.

Safety and Value, Hand in Hand

Analyses of hospital energy consumption indicate that electricity for lighting comprises 15% of total energy use. Legacy surgical cameras, for example, consume energy inefficiently and, as a result, pose burn risks to patients.

As hospitals and ambulatory surgery centers (ASCs) work to reduce costs, high-efficient lighting offers a compelling solution.

The MLE of ArthroFree requires just ⅛ of 1% of the wattage of legacy surgical cameras for comparable lumen. (Yes: just ⅛ of 1%.) MLE technology and design are readily scalable. The MLE has the potentially to transform light applications in hospitals and ASCs, in order to improve safety and efficiency, and across industries.1

The MLE™ in the Lab.

Our Patents

The MLE™ in the Lab.

A sample of our patents

  • 01
    Light Source:

    US, China, Hong Kong, and Japan

  • 02
    Light Source (ArthroFree design):

    Registered in Australia, Europe, Hong Kong, and UK

Number of patents pending (August 2021): 15