Meridiem Light Technology, for Medtech and Beyond

The ArthroFree® wireless surgical camera system required new signal transmission, power, and light capabilities. So we created the Meridiem® light technology (MLT®) platform—a solid-state, low-heat, high-efficiency light system.


MLT is ready for productization, backed by Lazurite patents in jurisdictions around the world. This market-ready asset indicates opportunities in multiple markets, with potential applications in healthcare, aerospace, and manufacturing.

Meridiem refers to high noon, when the sun offers maximum brightness, but not maximum heat.

MLT: The Key Components

We regard MLT as the Hedy Lamarr of light technology: radiant, cool, and complicated. (Lamarr, who starred in MGM, Paramount, and Warner Bros. films in the 1940s, also secured a patent in 1942 for a frequency-hopping technology used by the military and in telecommunications.)

The key components of Meridiem light technology include:

  • A laser.
  • Optics that mix and direct laser light, according to specifications, to a particular location.
  • A phosphor core.

The phosphor can be suspended in polymeric and glass-like materials, in a variety of shapes and sizes, for a variety of commercial applications.

Safety and Value, Hand in Hand

Electric lighting comprises up to 20% of a hospital’s energy use. Conventional surgical cameras use significant amounts of energy—and throw off enough heat to put patients at risk of burns.

As hospitals and ambulatory surgery centers (ASCs) work to reduce costs, high-efficiency lighting offers a compelling solution.

The Meridiem light technology used in the ArthroFree System requires just 1% of the wattage of conventional surgical cameras for comparable lumen. The MLT platform and design are readily scalable. MLT has the potential to establish new standards of energy-efficient lighting in healthcare and other industries.1

The MLE® in the Lab.

Our Patents

The MLE® in the Lab.

A sample of our patents:

  • 01
    Light source

    US (x2), China, Hong Kong, and Japan

  • 02
    Light source (ArthroFree design)

    Registered in Australia, China, Europe, UK, Hong Kong, Japan, and South Korea

Number of patents pending, as of March 2022: 22