Work for Lazurite

Our Three-Year Target

By 2026, modernize 1,000 operating rooms for the wireless age with laser-light devices. We have the technology. Now we need you as part of the team.

Our HR Mission

Expand our ability to solve impossible problems to improve people’s lives.

Our Culture

A culture of inspiration is no accident. It takes hard work—and team work. Passion helps. Curiosity makes a big difference. And we’re right on the verge of making a difference.

Three of Our Core Values


People First.

We focus on problems in healthcare (not just the healthcare market). We use science, engineering, and design to build durable, substantial solutions. Our rigorous solutions open opportunities in the market.


Be open. Be receptive.

We recognize the need to think anew about persistent challenges, and to seek out creative connections that spark new ideas on the way to serendipitous solutions.


Some things are not possible, yet.

Through creativity, diligence, and collaboration, we can narrow the gap between today, when a goal is impossible, and the moment it becomes possible.



401(k) plan

Company contribution commences on day one.


Hybrid work option

Desktops at work and home, outfitted on the Company tab.



Sound mind and body from the word “go.”


Employee equity option

Meet our newest stakeholder: you!


Company gear

Look laser sharp in techwear from Nike and North Face.


Well-stocked office pantry

Snack well. Maintain your hunger for new solutions.

In Our Own Words

"The camaraderie at Lazurite is so strong. Every day I wake up looking forward to the challenges the team will face—and overcome."

Patrick Polito, director of regulatory and compliance

“Great people to work with in a great environment. At Lazurite, you get to be creative with your existing skills and develop a whole new set of skills, too.”

Brian Wiese, senior embedded firmware engineer

“At Lazurite, we look for the best ideas, regardless of who they come from.”

Jacquelyn Aguilera, product engineer

“Everyone at Lazurite understands the importance of teamwork.”

Philip Amato, project manager

“After I saw an in-person demo of ArthroFree, I submitted my resume straight away. I instantly saw the potential in this game-changing product. It is extremely motivating to join Lazurite at this stage in its development. This may truly be a once-in-a-lifetime experience.”

Billy O’Mara, area sales manager

Open Positions

The core of the Lazurite mission: solve impossible problems. It sounds heady, but a mission should be heady, especially when it pertains to human health. With the ArthroFree System, we’re launching the wireless age of surgical visualization. And we’re only just beginning.
What types of problems do you want to solve?