ArthroFree: A Growing Movement for the Freedom of Movement

August 9, 2023

CLEVELAND, OH—Last week was another great week in the wireless age of arthroscopy. With our six-member sales staff, we ran evaluations at five different sites! Week by week, more surgeons are getting their hands on ArthroFree, the surgical camera for the wireless age. As a result, more surgeons are experiencing the freedom of movement in the OR made possible by ArthroFree.

These surgeons include Neil S. Roth, MD, of the New York Sports Medicine Institute, and Michael Schwartz, MD, of Baylor Scott & White Medical Center. Dr. Roth has been eager to try ArthroFree for ages, so we’re happy his first wireless experience on two shoulder surgeries went great. Dr. Schwartz came away equally impressed, noting:

“The ArthroFree delivered as promised. It worked seamlessly in our OR, had a great image quality . . . Getting ride of the extra cords made a huge difference. It was great not getting all the cords tangled that usually goes along with arthroscopy.”

ArthroFree aficionados Dr. Roth (left) and Dr. Schwartz (right).

With his first case, Dr. Schwartz earned the distinction of performing the first wireless arthroscopy using in Texas.

We look forward to sharing more good news soon about happy surgeons and the wireless age of arthroscopy.

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