Lazurite Lands Top-10 Endoscopy Award

December 16, 2021
Lazurite named a top-10 endoscopy device provider in 2021 by MedTech Outlook magazine
Article: “Lazurite: Bringing Digital Innovation on Endoscopy”

Since the 1950s, endoscopy has always been a reliable procedure for gastroenterologists to visually examine and diagnose the digestive system. As we know, endoscopy is a procedure of inspecting and observing the internal parts of a body using a long flexible tube with a lens and video camera at each end. The evolution of endoscopy backtracks to the 19th century when obstetrician Phillip Bozzini found ‘Lichtleiter- light conductor,’ a domestic version of the endoscope for diagnosing minor orifices in 1804, followed by the first open-tube endoscopic instrumentcystoscope in 1853, which examined only the bladder and urethra.

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